Five Nail Trends That One Will See Everywhere This Season

This article is going to tell you about the latest nail trends this summer. Of course, some might not be practical enough for you to wear them and carry them. However, this must not refrain you from a having a look at what’s the trend and what’s not.

We asked Sally Hansen who is a well-known runway manicurist, the nail-art genius and also the color ambassador, for some of the biggest trends for nail art this summer. The good news is, you can do all this nail art at home all by yourself. So let’s take a look!!!

1. Cheeky tint

This trend is very popular in Taiwan and is becoming even more popular in Asia. The basic idea behind this style is to get a blushing look on the nails. This is achieved by dabbing a coral lacquer at the center of the nail to give it a glowing and blushing look. This trend is popular because it gives lightweight color feel and feminine touch to the nails. In order to keep the circles uniform in size, it is suggested that you use the end of an eraser or a hair pin. It is a very simple yet a trendy style for your nails.

2. Bold Colors Applied in Free Form Style

These designs are very easy to apply. They are very common in runway designs because they look trendy, expressive and do not take much time in the application. Famous manicurists like Proenza, Vera, Rodarte, and Novis suggest that one should use bold colors with this design so that it gives the maximum visual impact

3. The 1980’s Gradient

The New York fashion week 2017 was full of color. The bright colors and designer clothes just sparkled all the new York and London. Poole and Hansen’s team gave the Newyork Fashion week contestants Monse and 3.1 Phillip Limgradient nails. It kind of updated the trend of the last year fashion shows. The manicurists suggest using sharp contrast colors in the ’80s Gradient design. For example, the contrast of teal, magenta and hot pink looks superb in this style.

4. Bright Look

Ok! So who would not want a rainbow stripe on the nails? After all, they look so trendy and colorful. So according to Poole’s notes from Marc Jacobs, Altuzarra and Fendi, when you are doing the rainbow stripes, it is best to use the light color first. Poole also suggests that you can use 4-5 different shades from the 80’s palette and layering them one by one using a striping brush. If you are not too particular about having straight lines, you can always experiment and go random. This random use of color will give the nails an abstract look, and it will also hide any blunders on the nails too.

So, now enjoy your summer with these DIY tips for the most trendy and fashionable nails. We hope that you enjoy doing these experiments and share them with your friends too.